Vaporize & Atomize Your Fragrance

As we look back on 2014, let’s take a moment to recognize Oxford’s Word of the Year: Vape.  Short for vaporize, this alternative to smoking is now hugely popular. One who vapes is one who takes a drag off an e-cigarette. Because cigarette smoke includes lots of free radicals, including tar and other carcinogens you… Read More

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Medicine, shaken and stirred: Cocktails that cure what ails you By Amy Zavatto When you order up your preferred potable potion at your favorite watering hole, you’re probably thinking, “Cocktails! Yippie!” or “Boy do I need this after such a long, cruddy week!” But what you might not be thinking is that very same alluring… Read More

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Iris bartender Sharon Floyd explores herbal medicine and mixology By Todd A. Price, | Times-Picayune “To your health” might be the world’s most common toast. Sharon Floyd, the bartender at Iris and a yoga instructor, is taking that sentiment literally and investigating the medicinal qualities of herbs used in cocktails. Floyd, who has researched… Read More

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