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Healing Botanicals

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You’ve made all kinds of changes in your life to get and stay healthy.

Why have you not changed how you drink?

I think I know why.

Because there’s a lot of reasons to stick with the usual and familiar.

Alcohol ain’t cheap, after all, so why risk hating something different?

And there are tons of reasons why you could conveniently skip changing your drinking habits.

Maybe drinking is your one, last precious little vice.

Maybe it’s one area of your life that you don’t want to overanalyze.

I get it.

But what if I told you you can learn all about healing plants from booze?

The roots of the modern bar go way back, beyond modern medicine to healing plants. Despite all the marketing messages that say otherwise, history tells us that alcohol has always been used as medicine, just not in the ways you might expect.

What if every time you order a drink, you could be going on a new adventure? An exploration of flavor that opens your mind and blows your mind with new ideas about what’s delicious?

What if you learn about how to make healthier choices and become more confident ordering and enjoying them? What if learning all of this helps you to drink less, completely eliminating hangovers from your life?

Imagine the difference this could make in your social life–and how charmingly mysterious you’ll be to all your friends.

Imagine how much better you’ll feel every single day.

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It’s not too late to moderate your drinking. 

Drink with more confidence and consciousness. And keep your conscience clear.

Balance the boredom of moderation with the spirit of indulgence.