New Year, New You?

Well, ready or not, it’s here. 2017. Are you? Ready, I mean. Are you ready to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be? Do you wonder what that even means? Who has time to craft a new you? How is that even possible? You may think you are unable to change. And,… Read More


My son is snuggled up in bed, snoozing while cuddling up with his dad under our warm down duvet. Little guy turned ten months yesterday. We spent a couple hours with friends at the park by the river, watching the sun set behind the New Orleans skyline, passing around the frisbee, and dancing to electronica…. Read More

Don’t Call Me A Yogi

In my line of work (teaching yoga), it isn’t politically correct to want to make any significant kind of money. It’s difficult to have honest and open conversations about the subject because there is an air of nobility around poverty (or close to it). Just like nuns or monks, a “real” yogi (can’t believe I… Read More

Fresh Plants!

In her groundbreaking effort to open a restaurant that uses local, fresh and seasonal ingredients, chef Alice Waters pioneered the farm-to-table movement back in the 1970’s with her restaurant in Berkeley, CA called Chez Panisse. It was a simple concept, really, and one primarily based on taste. Fresh produce┬áthat’s grown in season is at the… Read More