Spirits Brands

Big Alcohol brands of spirits as well as independent distillers and manufacturers

All About Oprah

I’m kind of bummed because this past Christmas, we never put a cutout of Oprah’s face on top of our tree.** Right after Thanksgiving, the murmur began about who would be getting this high honor. But, you know, the “academy” has a toddler running around and ALL of the nominations were incredible. You know how it… Read More

You Are The Perfect Drug

A few weeks ago, I took my son to Cabrini Park in the French Quarter. I paused at the front door as I checked the weather, as I always do, when I walked outside because weather apps are wrong a lot. My human barometer detected something looming in the distance. The air felt twitchy even… Read More

One Large Pop-Up, Please!

I must confess: Movie-going is not one of my favorite pastimes. I would much rather watch a movie at home, on my couch with my feet up, with a snuggly blanket and very cheap snacks, and not miss anything when I have to go pee, which I inevitably do. I understand the attraction of the gigantic… Read More

Are You Documenting This?

The days may be getting longer, my friend, but by the time the sun sets, I’m pretty wiped out. It’s been a minute since I’ve watched any tv of substance and even then, it isn’t something I usually reflect on later. But a few weeks ago……I did get a rare treat. My husband and I… Read More

Lonely Island

There’s a house a couple blocks away from mine with the most brilliant combination of colors–each intricate detail is painted the perfect, bold Caribbean color. I slow my roll every time I drive by it and have wanted to sneak a snap of it for a long time. Seriously, this house is probably in several… Read More