What a wonderful world….

The juicing station behind the bar at Iris faces a wall of windows that peer out onto North Peters street, just in front of the Mississippi river. The windows are lightly covered in sheer white curtains that I gaze through as I stand mindlessly juicing orange after orange, taking care to juice the grapefruits last. I… Read More

Beautifully Simple

I have had a couple of conversations recently with friends who have very little knowledge about yoga.  It is always interesting being aware of the stereotypes and stigmas associated with something so personal to me. Practicing yoga over the last several years has benefited me greatly and, yes, I would even say changed my life. … Read More

Adventures in Education

Today I have been exploring ways to effectively convey my ideas for a new smoking cessation program.  It seems that every time I think about it, another encounter with yet another person encourages me to get it together.  I have no idea how long it will take to “perfect” something like this, but I am… Read More

Raw is Refined?

In just the twenty minutes or so that I took to look into the sugar refining process this morning, I ran across several websites and book reviews by those committed to the concept of organic farming and food awareness.  In looking up the requirements for an ADA-approved curriculum in order to earn a Registered Dietitian… Read More