Plants & Botanicals

The plants that are distilled, macerated, and blended into spirits and alcohol products. Some are used in traditional plant medicine.

You’re Grounded!

I am now full throttle into motherhood and really enjoying it so far. I got used to waking up several times a night throughout my pregnancy, so the interrupted sleep schedule isn’t as big of a deal as I had been led to believe. Of course, I know things can change, and they will, but… Read More

Country Fresh Chemicals

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about living in the country? Daily Roadkill? The Inspiring Scenery? Chewin’ Tabaccy? Well, one of the first things you probably notice when you get to the country is the fresh air. As it should be. I grew up in the country and, yes, I did… Read More

Superstar Turmeric Root

What a weird, knobby-looking tuber you just pulled out of the ground. It’s raw. It’s earthy. It’s not especially interesting. Until you cut it open.     Then it delights your eyes with its marigold hue, tingles your nose with its deliciously fresh fragrance. When you put a slice to your tongue, you taste its… Read More