Adaptogen – Primarily a metabolic regulator, an adaptogen lowers stress, normalizes bodily functions, and aids in recovery from injury and aging.

Alterative – Gradually restores normal bodily functions and health; purifies the blood.

Analgesic – Relieves pain.

Anthelmintic – Expels parasites and worms (which includes bacteria, yeast, and fungi).

Anti-arthritic – Reduces pain in the joints.

Anti-inflammatory – Reduces swelling and inflammation.

Anti-nauseous – Reduces nausea.

Antibacterial – Inhibits growth of or destroys bacterial organisms.

Antibiotic – Antibacterial, antifungal, etc.; inhibits growth of or destroys microorganisms.

Antiemetic – Reduces nausea and motion sickness.

Antipyretic – Dispels fire, fever, and heat; reduces temperature.

Antirheumatic – Reduces inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles, and fibrous tissues.

Antiseptic – Sterilizing

Antispasmodic – Reduces voluntary and involuntary muscular spasms.

Aphrodisiac – Reinvigorates the body and increases sexual arousal.

Astringent – Firms tissues and organs; reduces discharges and secretions in the body.

Bitter Tonic – Promotes digestion, regulates digestive fire.

Carminative – Relieves intestinal pain, gas, distention; promotes peristalsis (muscular contraction and relaxation).

Demulcent – Soothes, protects, and nurtures internal membranes.

Diaphoretic – Promotes elimination and perspiration.

Digestive – Enhances digestion.

Diuretic – Improves activity of bladder and kidneys; increases urination.

Emmenagogue – Promotes and regulates menstruation.

Expectorant – Dispels phlegm and mucus from lungs and throat.

Febrifuge – Fever reducer.

Nervine – May stimulate or sedate; strengthens the action of the nervous system.

Nutritive Tonic – Promotes weight and density of the body; nourishing.

Sedative – Calms and lowers functional activity.

Stimulant – Increases heat in the body; strengthens metabolism and circulation.

Vermicidal – Kills intestinal parasites.

Vulnerary – Promotes healing of wounds and protects against infection; stimulates cell growth.