About Bartanica

Flavors and Fragrances from Fresh Plants

At its heart, Bartanica is about appreciating the craftsmanship of plant-infused spirits, especially bitters, amari, and herbal liqueurs.

shop_bgSometimes getting to this place of appreciation requires you to tune into your senses of smell and taste in ways that may be unfamiliar or foreign.  

Enthusiasm for novelty, a thirst for something at once new and familiar, is a necessity.

Bartanica resides at the intersection of herbal medicine and cocktail culture, a place you may not have known exists.

It’s a pleasant place to be, mostly focused on pleasure.

Bartanica is about:

  • finding joy in the simplest of things
  • cultivating gratitude towards Nature 
  • celebrating both modern and traditional lifestyles

Join me in creating and exploring in delight and awe of Nature.