5 Essentials to Healthy Living

Having trouble knowing where to start…but you know you HAVE to start somewhere? Here are 5 easy ways to get on the right track towards a healthy future:

1. Get inside your mind.

Healthy living begins in the mind. Becoming more aware of what you think and how those thoughts make you feel is the start to making lasting change. And it doesn’t cost a cent, just a shift in mindset.

2. Get inside your body.

You may be thinking, well, how could I NOT be inside my own body? Use your new awareness to simply notice what feels good in your body and what doesn’t feel so good. Without judging those sensations, begin to recognize that you have the ability to feel good all the time.

3. Get out into Nature.

Give yourself 10 minutes to take a walk in the park or even just gaze at the clouds. Notice how you feel as you take this time to yourself. Does it make you feel anxious or like you’re wasting your time? Why?

4. Eat good, real food.

Try going an entire day eating only fresh foods that have never been packaged or labeled.

5. Clean your space.

Try to stay as present as possible as you sweep away the dust and debris from your home and office. Let this external ritual reflect the clean lifestyle you are working towards.