A Taste of Honesty

When I started this blog, I’ll admit that I had no idea what a Conscious Cocktail was.

I thought the title had a nice ring to it, but that was as far as I got. I also didn’t quite know how to justify continuing to serve people intoxicating drinks AND heal them through yoga.

I’ll admit that I was conflicted.

Since then, I’ve dived deeper into my personal practice of yoga to connect with a very uncomfortable Truth:

My use of alcohol was consuming me.

Fast forward to present day and the cocktails have become conscious, or rather I became more conscious of them. And with this awareness it has been surprisingly easy for me to stop having them. Instead,

I have become what I call a “professional taster”.

Behind the bar, I try a tiny taste of each cocktail I make to be sure that it is correctly balanced (don’t worry, I use a new straw each time). Call it a job perk–’cause it is!  I’ve simply continued this practice to the other side of the bar.

I have become incredibly content to simply taste.

Just a little sip has become enough of an experience because I no longer need or crave the medicating effects of a full drink. I have developed a profound respect for this drug and how it has affected my life over many years of mindless (ab)use.

What I anticipated being most difficult about this decision–enjoying the company of friends and various social events without getting my buzz on–has proved to be completely joyous instead.

It is absolutely possible to have a great time without getting completely pissed.

This realization is a revelation to me. For realsies. I have never felt so alive, present, healthy, and truly authentic with the people I love the most. And in New Orleans, no less!

Here’s a quick list of the false beliefs I’ve held for most of my adult life:

  • I was not conversationally engaging unless I was drinking

  • I needed to drink to relax and help “take the edge off”

  • I didn’t really have fun at the party because I didn’t pass out or get sick

  • I wasn’t cool without a drink in my hand

Now I know that all of that is bullshit.

Moving on.