A Warm Hug for Your Soul


Here we go again.

The temperature drops twenty degrees in New Orleans and all of the locals drag their jeans, sweaters, and coats out of storage. In what other part of the country will you hear people remarking that 70 degrees is cold?

But that’s how it feels when the last several months have brought only intense heat.

And along with that cold comes driving winds over the river and some pretty nasty rainy spells.

It’s the Nola version of Vata season.

The damp cold can seep into your bones, soaking you with a chill that’s hard to shake off no matter how many hot cocoas or cafe au laits you have.

Vata dosha is that aspect of Nature that controls movement in the mind, body, and environment. When it gets aggravated, and it gets that way easily, it needs some immediate attention to bring it back to a calmer, well-functioning state.

Just as no one can survive being in extreme cold without protection and resources, no one likes to be in a perpetual state of anxiety, nervousness, or fear. But, when Vata dosha is too high in the mind, that’s exactly what can happen—and it’s exhausting to our systems.

When your head feels scrambled and it’s difficult to concentrate, a grounding scent like Vetiver and Orange can soothe the senses and work from the outside in to bring you into a calmer state of being.

In yoga, we would call this feeling centered and grounded—and being grounded as an adult is WAY more enjoyable than being grounded was as a kid. 🙂

Feeling grounded means you can concentrate on what you need to do and get it done. It means you can form complete thoughts without struggling and dream clearly about your desires. It means you can articulate your good intentions to those you care about and express gratitude for the same given to you.

It means you are in a state of flow, ease, and grace.

Just as there are foods (root vegetables, oils and ghee) and activities (meditation, oil massage, pranayama) that can help to ground Vata, there are also scents that can calm our minds and emotions when things get too intense. Odorants go straight to the brain, almost immediately triggering a response from it. And, if you find a scent that helps you to cultivate a sense of groundedness, you can use that scent again and again when you need a little bit of calm.

The Vetiver + Orange spray by Bartanica features two essential oils extracted from roots: vetiver and ginger. Mixed with the warm smell of cinnamon and the uplifting tones of bergamot and mandarin, this scent is a gentle hug for a tired brain, a warm sweater for cold bones, lightly spiced with nostalgia.

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