Adventures in Education

Today I have been exploring ways to effectively convey my ideas for a new smoking cessation program.  It seems that every time I think about it, another encounter with yet another person encourages me to get it together.  I have no idea how long it will take to “perfect” something like this, but I am thoroughly enjoying the research in the meantime.  I had been meaning to read up on Maria Montessori for the longest time and I am blown away by her contribution to the world.  Here is a great overview on her and her work. Rudolf Steiner is another character that I recently discovered although I am not in a hurry to read his work.  But I simply read one paragraph about Jiddu Krishnamurti and I am hooked. Holistic education is a totally new subject for me to explore and I cannot wait to get my mits on some of these books.  In addition, re-familiarizing myself with psychology theory and the Humanistic approach to psychotherapy is refreshing.  Nerd out on my day off, yeah! Carl Rogers, ftw!