And Now The Practice of Yoga Begins

I began my wellness journey — my journey to being well — while sitting in a cubicle in the earlier days of the internet, circa 2000.

Sitting in this box, with fluorescent lighting humming overhead and taking much-too-frequent smoke breaks, I knew deep down that this was not the life for me.

I saw my co-workers struggling with their health.

And so, even before I began practicing yoga, I plugged in a few choice words into the search engine of the times, Yahoo! and AltaVista to try and find out how to regain and preserve my health.

Because I was starting to worry. And I was in my early twenties.

I was worried because things were beginning to hurt and I didn’t know why.

I was worried because I would lose my breath just walking up a flight of stairs — and I knew I was supposedly in the “prime of my life.”

I was worried because I knew that I wasn’t a good pill popper and I didn’t want to take pills because I knew I would mess it up. I just wanted to be healthy.

So, I got educated. I learned that there is a strong connection between health and food.

So I studied food. And then I started making food.

And then I started on a path to health.

It took years and many tries, but eventually I stopped smoking.

I started eating better.

And those aches and pains went away.

And I don’t take any pills to this day! Yay!