Are You Documenting This?

This person is a much better doodler than I. Photo by Prophsee Journals on Unsplash

The days may be getting longer, my friend, but by the time the sun sets, I’m pretty wiped out. It’s been a minute since I’ve watched any tv of substance and even then, it isn’t something I usually reflect on later.

But a few weeks ago……I did get a rare treat.

My husband and I are suckers for documentaries. We love learning about the creative process behind executing almost any kind of high art, whether it’s fashion, food, or fragrance.

So when Netflix suggested that we watch The Chef’s Table Season Two recently, we indulged immediately. Before that, we had devoured Michael Pollen’s Cooked series and loved it.

Both of these series seem to have been directed by the same person, and the cinematography is exquisite.

But even more striking than the visuals and the fully realized artistic expressions of these very talented chefs is the personal dynamic, particularly in The Chef’s Table.

Each Michelin-star rated professional is presented as on a hero’s journey, with flaws and life crises and struggles woven into each unique story and told from their own voice.

This was the most beautiful and inspiring aspect of the series to me: that each chef had overcome tremendous difficulties to get where they are.

And each had at least one succinct nugget of wisdom to share. 

truthbomb about their art or process that packs a ton of knowledge into a few simple words.

And those are the kinds of things that I typically jot down in my little notebook, after pressing pause and fumbling for a pen.

But not these days. 

These days, I am taking far fewer notes.

In fact, I can’t believe I got through the entire series without writing a single thing down!

In the days following, I kept thinking to myself “I need to scrub through each episode now and search for the truthbombs so I can put them into my little book.”

But I probably won’t.

And, I’m slowly realizing, I don’t really need to.

Because after all of the self-help books, therapy, meditation, soul-searching, poetry, journaling, psychology classes, and inspirado, the same patterns emerge.

And I am ready to drop my own truthbombs.

So, no. I won’t be documenting any more documentaries.

And it’s nice to finally be lightening my load.

Here’s to summer!

May your load be light,


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