Beautifully Simple

I have had a couple of conversations recently with friends who have very little knowledge about yoga.  It is always interesting being aware of the stereotypes and stigmas associated with something so personal to me. Practicing yoga over the last several years has benefited me greatly and, yes, I would even say changed my life.  I do not attribute that change solely to my practice; I believe wanting change and maintaining perseverance have helped, too.  I also made dramatic changes to my lifestyle which is something I realize not everyone is able or willing to do.  So the realization that someone has no idea about such an important facet of my life is humbling and an opportunity to share.  Recently, I described yoga to a friend as beautiful in its simplicity and in that it is a catalyst for introspection.  I have always likened it to singing because there is no other necessary equipment but your self.  There are no required props or tools (were you under the impression that a yoga mat + block + cushion + blanket is absolutely necessary these days?) and it is extremely portable. What is more elegantly concise than challenging your body and mind from within your own form, using only the force of gravity versus your body as weight and resistance?