Current Uses

In Ayurveda, angelica can be used in a number of different preparations including decoctions, milk decoction, powders and pastes. It is used in a number of spirits as well as ice creams and candies as a flavoring. The herb is very nutritive for women, promoting uterine health and menstrual regularity. There are a number of angelicas used medicinally worldwide. The Chinese and Indian varieties have higher tonic properties than does the European variety.



Plant Parts Used

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Used in Spirits

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Cultivation Regions


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Therapeutic Properties

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Not for use in those who have hypertension, fever or elevated temperature, high metabolism (increased Pitta). Use with caution during pregnancy.

Ayurvedic Character




Believed to be panacea, under the protection of Michael the Archangel, in folk medicine. Carried to ward off plague. An ingredient in Carmelite water, an infused wine deemed highly useful against nervous headache and neuralgic affections, created by Carmelite monks near Paris in 1611.


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