A Taste of Honesty

For my entire adult life I have held the false belief that I was not engaging unless I was drinking, that I needed a drink to relax and help “take the edge off”, and I didn’t really have fun at the party because I didn’t get sick or pass out. I have never felt so alive, present, healthy, and truly authentic with the people I love the most. And in New Orleans, no less! Read More

Happy Henna

I have been coloring my naturally dark blond hair for many years (I’ve had everything from jet black to platinum blond, purple, and fire-engine red, to name a few….), but eventually I looked for ways to avoid piling tons of chemicals on my head only to watch my brilliant color fade after just a couple… Read More

What’s in your Margarita?

In the last several years, the movement towards nutritional awareness has been gaining momentum.  We have reached a time when a significant portion of our population does not want to ingest artificial ingredients or sweeteners and even requires that their makeup and skin care products be “pure”.  In light of this transition, most people are… Read More