Don’t Be Such a Softie

Are you American?

You’re soft.

Says Gary Vaynerchuck.

And I agree.

So how can you toughen up a little bit?

Do some yoga.

But wait, you may say, I thought yoga would make me softer, more woo-woo, more walk-the-middle-ground.

True. It may.

But more than likely it will ask you to be very painfully honest with yourself.

And, if you’re a softie, you will not want to go there.

Because real honesty can be difficult to think, hear, and digest.

And, if your body is stiff, if it hurts to stretch, if you can’t touch your toes, if your back is constantly giving you grief, and you’re so used to complaining about common ailments or “aging” (“welp, guess I’m getting old…”), if you’re constantly getting sick and then telling the world how sick you are, guess what?

You’re not going to like how it feels.

Because….well, you’re a softie.

So do some yoga and toughen up, softie.