Energetic Exploration

In preparation for the workshop I am offering in January, I have been re-reading a book by Anodea Judith called Eastern Body, Western Mind.  In it, she offers insight into the chakra system within the realm of Western psychology.  Today, I ran across a quote I had inscribed on a page the first time I read the book, by the author of Dune:

In freedom, you find imprisonment.

In discipline, you find liberty.

There are many nuggets of truth on this page which is why I recorded this additional quote in the first place, I imagine.  The significance of limitations is paramount to Judith because, if accepted, they allow manifestation to occur.  This truth is sometimes a difficult pill to swallow.  My creativity is incited with the challenge of having only a handful of ingredients at home, while it seems stifled within the limits of time when it comes to developing a web presence.  Gracefully accepting boundaries promotes a healthy first chakra, groundedness, and paves the way for prosperity.