New Year, New You?


Photo credit: Death to the Stock Photo

Well, ready or not, it’s here. 2017.new_year

Are you?

Ready, I mean.

Are you ready to be the best version of yourself you can possibly be?

Do you wonder what that even means? Who has time to craft a new you? How is that even possible?

You may think you are unable to change.

And, yes, it can be difficult.

And it can take a  l  o  n  g time to even figure out where to start.

And your mind may work against you. You may say to yourself, “Self, you can’t even touch your toes! How are you going to do yoga?? You’re not cut out for this, so why even try?”

To which your HIGHEST Self should say “Poppycock!”. And do it anyway.

Because science says you can. The brain and all of its neural networks are able to reconstruct themselves. It’s called neuroplasticity. And it means that you can not only change your behavior, but also what you say to yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, your personality–basically anything you can identify and understand about yourself, it is within your capacity and ability to change.

But who has time for that? And aren’t you supposed to work on loving yourself, all parts of yourself, even the flaws?

Yes. But if you have habits or aspects of yourself that do not serve you, or that hold you back, don’t you think you’d be doing yourself a great disservice by NOT changing?

You can learn to make small changes to whatever you choose from a place of love and compassion. In fact, anyone who practices yoga is already learning this with every practice. In very small, almost immeasurable ways, you change your abilities. And then you change your mind. And then your habits….and so on.

Until years go by (because they will go by no matter what you do!) and you realize that you are very different–better!–person than you were before you started.

It’s that easy.

And it’s that hard.