One Large Pop-Up, Please!

At least some things never change. Photo by Corina Rainer on Unsplash

I must confess: Movie-going is not one of my favorite pastimes.

I would much rather watch a movie at home, on my couch with my feet up, with a snuggly blanket and very cheap snacks, and not miss anything when I have to go pee, which I inevitably do.

I understand the attraction of the gigantic screen and super surround (uh, btw, it’s freaking TOO LOUD in theaters! wtf???), but the comfort is just not up to par. Going to the movies ranks low in enjoyment factor for me and I would not consider it an ideal date.

In addition, there’s the fact that for several years in a past relationship, I begrudgingly attended many, many movies NOT OF MY CHOOSING that bored me to tears. I fell asleep in the theater for a lot of them. When that relationship ended, I avoided the movies for a long time…because I could.

So last weekend, I somewhat reluctantly agreed to go see the latest Star Wars with the hubs. I only agreed because I hadn’t been to a theater in a couple of years, so I felt sufficiently detoxed from what could be a lackluster experience already.

If it was really disappointing, I could probably handle it and not lose my shit about it.

I also agreed because when hubs goes to the movies, he likes to go all out with IMAX 3D, which appeals to my sense of adventure (Star Wars did not disappoint in this regard) and luxury. I knew we’d splurge on candy, soda, and popcorn, too (which appeals to my ridiculous appetite).

So a few minutes before it started, I got up to go get the $nack$.

I was standing at the counter gazing at the menu WHEN THE ENTIRE MENU CHANGED TO A COMMERCIAL RIGHT BEFORE MY VERY EYES.

It’s a good thing I had been studying it for a minute and knew exactly what I wanted because as I recited my order, the commercial was still playing behind the counter and there was no printout of the menu ANYWHERE. It lasted a long time by snack counter standards.

This may be old news if you go to the movie theater on the regular, but I was SHOCKED and APPALLED. Walking back to my seat with $$nack$$ in hand, I contemplated if I should feel as violated as I felt.

I’m the type of person who actively avoids being advertised to. I mute commercials and scowl at billboards. I would probably never use my computer if it weren’t for Adblock (services that require me to disable it—I BESEECH THEE TO STAND DOWN.)  If I’m in a restaurant that plays Pandora with commercials, I make a mental note to never eat there again.

I HATE being marketed to. It’s the worst.

But, I couldn’t be mad about it this time.

I mean, it’s a pretty brilliant ad placement. They’ve got your eyes right where they want them, wait one sec BLAMMO here’s a commercial. You’ve been spammed.

It’s pretty brilliant, really.

Disgusting and annoying, yes, but brilliant.

And that’s kind of how I feel about marketing in general. It’s mostly disgusting and annoying, but the brilliance of it can be subtle and fun, unexpected and surprising. Maybe even endearing.

So, that’s why I’m writing to you today: to feel better about the marketing that’s necessary for my business to survive and, yes, thrive. But even more than that, to get better at sharing my stories and insights with you. Because I like you. And I want you to like me and what I do. (And because you’re on my list. Thank you!  🙂

So add involuntarily being advertised to as one more reason to avoid the movie theater for this gal.

Do you go to great lengths to avoid advertisements? Write me back and tell me the most offensive ad placement you’ve been subjected to.

May The Force Be With You,

Sharon Avert-Your-Eyes-It’s-Another-Advert Seyna


p.s. Star Wars was great, but I’m probably good with the theater for another couple of years.


p.p.s. In case I wasn’t clear, I hate commercials.