Pleasure and Pain

I’m so sorry to have to do this to you.

I didn’t think it would ever come to this.

But, I’m going to give you the straight poop.

We’ve been up the creek without a paddle lately (yes, THAT creek).

My two-year-old just went through a bought of constipation.

No, I will not be describing details, so just stay with me.

But let’s take a moment to be real here: shit has got to keep moving, ok?

And, it’s kind of a big deal with adults, like, nobody WANTS to be constipated, but, eh, it will probably resolve itself after an apple or two, right? Like, you rarely have to resort to enemas or chocolate laxatives (like my Nana was strangely fond of) or PRUNE JUICE FOR PETE’S SAKE.

But with small children and pets, it’s kind of a big deal,.

And I realize, after wondering how to prevent this in the future, what a great opportunity this is to do some hardcore adulting.

My ideal and favorite kind of adulting, however, which is all about food.

Food, glorious food.

That which sustains, but also has the potential to give massive amounts of pleasure, if done right.

So after devouring Anthony Bourdain’s words in The Kitchen Confidential recently (YES, I’m only just now getting around to reading this and am freshly inspired by his work), I done got all crazy for French cooking and made a meal plan. Since the goal has been to eat for plaisir as well as skill-building and health, I took almost nothing off the table as far as challenge or ingredients go.

I made not just any meal plan; I made The Ultimate. I drew up a chart. I wrote up TWO shopping lists: one immediate and one aspirational.

I used up ALL the aging produce in the kitchen AND planned out meals with the seasonal CSA box weekly email that lists the contents.

I have to say, it’s been a brilliant experience.

The food has been incredible.

And, yes, that’s because it contains copious amounts of butter and cream.

And what a fitting menu it was, to have this last week leading up to Mardi Gras with fat and flavor-laden goodies at almost every meal.

It’s been so pleasurable to have a satisfying soup, a piece of crusty bread, and a cup of tea to close out the day.

I’ve toyed with courses, which sounds so complicated, but really just takes a bit of planning and strategy.

I’ve dipped my toes back into bread making. And I’m enjoying watching my son imitate us at the kitchen table, trying stinky cheeses and asking for more veggies (sometimes).

And, of course, while I’m making all of this stuff, I’m looking for the right combinations of rasa, or taste. I’m scoping the recipes for clues that this will be at once delicious and nourishing to everyone.

Cuz, honestly, we are over the buddha bowls and quinoa salad for a while. Not that I dislike these things, we’ve just been in a deep, uninspired kitchen rut for a while. Time for something completely different.

So, if your interest is piqued and you want a peak (see what I did there?) at my bodacious meal plan, holla back and let me know!

Oh, and, guess what’s fab at cutting through all that butter and cream? ***


Laissez les bon temps roulez!

***Yeah, you right, it’s bitters.