Ransom Old Tom Gin

I will probably not only say this once: Ransom Old Tom Gin is liquid gold.

It had been requested a few times randomly at Iris which sparked my curiosity. (What? A new gin, you say?!)  Citrus and juniper are prevalent on the nose, but at each sip, there is cardamom, cardamom, cardamom…which makes me happy, happy, happy.  The malt and the oak are present as well. The spirit overall is warm and creamy, delicately bold on the palate. The cardamom competes with the juniper for the flavor spotlight.

Fully enjoying this new gin inspired me to refamiliarize myself with Old Tom as well as the botanicals that are in it.

Like angelica root. I have used the dried root in preparing bitters, but I have never seen the plant fresh. One of my favorite old herb books gave me lots of information on this remarkable plant. Nearly every part of Angelica is used. The flowers have a sticky, sweet nectar, the stalk is bitter and is steeped into a tea, the leaves are used in many preparations, the roots are dried and used in medicinal treatments (bitters), and the seeds are used in making gin. The plant is also thought to have been used to ward off the plague. The flavor profile is similar to that of juniper, but it adds sweetness and a round character to the spirit. Yes, it is certainly a plant that deserves attention and my gratitude for its contribution to my favorite spirit.

I had never used an Old Tom in an Aviation, but it made a fine one with the fresh Meyer lemon juice that is abundant in Louisiana right now. Stay tuned for original recipes; I am enjoying sipping it straight a bit too much. Ransom is just one of the fine libations created by Local Wine Company based in Sheridan, Oregon.