Tiki Dreams

I admit my initial attraction to Tiki was purely aesthetic, but this was years ago. I have always deeply loved all things tropical. Even diseases. No, not really. But there is a definite calming yet exciting characteristic about the tropics that invokes thoughts of blue-green, crystal clear waters, palm trees, and delicious, succulent fruits. All things exotic. And the rums….oh gosh. Tasting fine rums has been one of the highlights of being behind the bar for me. I fell in love with Rhum Barbancourt and Ron Zacapa long before they knew my name.

Ever since I read about the gone-but-not-forgotten Tiki restaurant called Bali Ha’i on the beach of Lake Pontchartrain, I’ve had frequent waking dreams about what it was like to be in the same city as such a destination. Yes, New Orleans has awesome restaurants and, yes, some of them I would consider an experience. But I wouldn’t call any of them a destination or an attraction….

I recently visited the Museum of the American Cocktail to view its collection of tiki memorabilia which gave me much to ponder and I realize how little I know about the history of this…culture? fad? what is/was it exactly? Obviously, some education is in order. More to come.