To use or not to use herbal formulas?

Once folks understand the basics of Ayurveda, they’re usually curious about how the use of herbal formulas and supplements come into play.

While herbal powders can help with some specific conditions, they are not for everyone. Think of herbs as medicine (’cause they are!) and use them only when necessary, if at all. Taking herbs for the sake of taking something is neither helpful nor wise. Most people can greatly benefit by making changes in their diet and lifestyle–and that is where I tend to focus my energy with clients. There is so much conflicting information about what is appropriate to eat these days. Understanding not only what is best for yourself, but also how to source and prepare the best food possible for you can be a challenge. Ayurveda directly addresses this confusion and makes your ideal diet clearer with small changes over a period of time.

Start by changing what, how, and when you eat.

Notice what does and does not work for you. Keep what works, disregard what doesn’t. Now you’re using the wisdom of Ayurveda!