Vaporize & Atomize Your Fragrance

As we look back on 2014, let’s take a moment to recognize Oxford’s Word of the Year: Vape.  Short for vaporize, this alternative to smoking is now hugely popular. One who vapes is one who takes a drag off an e-cigarette. Because cigarette smoke includes lots of free radicals, including tar and other carcinogens you don’t want to inhale, vaping has become the cleaner, healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

A physician friend of mine recently commented that he recommends e-cigs to his smoking patients who are trying to quit, simply for the fact that they’re not being exposed to the harmful tars. The same difference exists between burned and atomized fragrance. Incense and candles, which use flame to diffuse scent into the air, also carry tars and potential carcinogens along with their fragrance.  A way to release pure fragrance into your surroundings is by spraying it using an atomizer or diffusing the scent with vapor.

dandelion_smallWe depend on the void of space in which air molecules travel, the movement of air molecules themselves and scent molecules for our senses of both taste and smell. Just as the seeds of a dandelion float through the air, these tiny particles float up into our nose and are analyzed by our brains. Essential oils are highly volatile, meaning they evaporate easily, and some linger in the air longer than others.

A scent can take you back in time, make you sentimental and reminiscent; it can provoke the imagination and allow the mind to enter a realm of new possibility. Or it can enable the seeker to remain present, rooted in the here and now, content with potential and in equanimity. The breath and our sense of smell is the bridge between the body and the mind. Your state of mind or meditation practice can be greatly enhanced by the addition of a fine, subtle fragrance with a calming and grounding effect.

To Use Bartanica Sprays for Meditation:

Prepare a neat and comfortable place to sit with a meditation cushion or blanket. Approach the space with your intention. Prepare the space with several spritzes of Room Spray and enjoy the enveloping mist of fragrance. Breathe deeply.