What a wonderful world….

The juicing station behind the bar at Iris faces a wall of windows that peer out onto North Peters street, just in front of the Mississippi river. The windows are lightly covered in sheer white curtains that I gaze through as I stand mindlessly¬†juicing orange after orange, taking care to juice the grapefruits last. I always watch the people stroll by and occasionally I get a 20′ wide panorama of activity that snaps me into the present moment and puts goosebumps on my arms. On some special days, and it has happened more than once, I get treated to a cruise ship coming into the port, the streetcar rolling in front of her, almost overtaken by a massive train on the parallel tracks, while cars zip by on N. Peters, all vying to pass a meandering horse-drawn carriage. And there was that one time that it all got topped off with a helicopter hovering in the distance. *sigh* It is a treat to witness.