Where Should You Start with Ayurveda?

Curious about Ayurveda, but don’t think you know enough to do anything yet?

A great place to start is by eliminating items from your diet that are processed or manufactured. “Food products” are hardly ever fresh, are often made from low-quality ingredients, and do not supply you with optimal nutrition. Even with “vitamins added,” your body does not easily absorb those nutrients. Your body gets its vitamins and minerals easily from whole foods, cooked as lovingly as possible. Ayurveda teaches you which foods are best for your body type so that you can experience your best health for Life!

5 Things you can do today to Live Healthier:

Quinoa baked with beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts

1. Drink healthy alternatives to soft drinks.
2. Eat fewer processed and packaged foods; eat more whole foods.
3. Cook more often; dine out less often.
4. Get into a yoga or other exercise routine.
5. Set a goal to become less dependent on medications–whether OTC or Rx.