Where’s My Hossenfeffer?

My dear friend Amy challenged me to write about one of my fondest cartoon memories and immediately the Shish-ka-bugs episode of Looney Tunes came to mind. Yosemite Sam stars as the cook who is begrudgingly in service of the vocal and hungry king. As I watched the cartoon again last night, my eyebrows raised at the part where the king kicks his dinner platter away as he demands “Variety. I want something different. Fix me Hossenfeffer.” I was totally able to sympathize as I wondered just how deeply I was affected by this episode as a kid?! I have always craved and appreciated the novel meal and drink, as long as it is delicious. I truly enjoy creating something that no one else (to my knowledge, at least) has. I suppose that makes each of my cocktails a little taste of Hossenfeffer.