Why Diet is a 4-Letter Word

Dieting sounds like a total drag.

I mean, I still use the word, but I’m never “on a diet”–nor will I ever be.

I’m not into being miserable, which is why I made the decision a long time ago to focus on eating what tastes the best and what makes me feel good.

Some of my earliest days on the internet were spent researching fresh food versus a diet of convenience. I remember reading about fresh spinach before I ever tried it!  (I always thought it came from a can….. :))

As it turns out, what tastes the best and what makes me feel good are usually the same things.

fresh food


Fresh food tastes great because it’s full of life-sustaining energy.

If your diet is based on fresh, whole foods and is mostly plant-based, you’re going to feel better, enjoy the food, and be motivated to continue it as a lifestyle. It will be sustainable because it will be sustaining to you.

But if you spend your time counting fat grams and calories instead of doing the things you love to do, how long do you think you can keep it up? And why would you want to?

The ancient philosophy of Ayurveda recognizes the importance of a fresh food diet in preventing disease. Fresh food is the foundation for a number of recent movements in the West, including Slow Food and Edible Schoolyard. It’s also the philosophy of the highest rated restaurants in the world. The best chefs work with local farmers to get the very best produce for their kitchens.

I decided to take a cue from their book.  I will never be a world-renowned chef, but even I learned ways to simply prepare the freshest seasonal foods.

Eventually, I learned to favor them over convenience foods.  Feeling satisfied, energized, and healthy is my reward.

It takes a lot of energy to pursue my life’s work. I am so thankful I realized that being constantly tired, stressed, in and out of the doctor’s office, and on unnecessary medication is primarily a choice. I am thankful that I chose a healthy life. Will you?

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