The ancient medical system of India and the sister science of Yoga. Based on the Doshas, Ayurveda looks to Nature for the ultimate path to wellness.

Where Should You Start with Ayurveda?

Curious about Ayurveda, but don’t think you know enough to do anything yet? A great place to start is by eliminating items from your diet that are processed or manufactured. “Food products” are hardly ever fresh, are often made from low-quality ingredients, and do not supply you with optimal nutrition. Even with “vitamins added,” your… Read More

Homemade Energy Bars

To my dismay, most of the energy bars on the market have ingredients that just don’t jive well with me. One such ingredient is whey protein, which may sound fine but it’s a byproduct of the cheese making process and therefore doesn’t belong in my food! As with most edible things, I prefer the diy method because… Read More

The Origins of my Outrage

Several years ago, I watched a presentation on 20/20 that highlighted the extreme poverty of the Native American Reservations in the western U.S. It was startling to me to learn how neglected this population still is by the government that slaughtered and betrayed them. The TV special focused on the rise of childhood obesity in… Read More